Sao Tome and Principe (10 days)

A 10-day trip to explore and discover very special places and landscapes. To share moments with a humble local population but always willing to share their time. The time taken by another dimension in this section of the archipelago on the equator. A combination of intact tropical forest of the Obo National Park and the practically virgin beaches where the impressive leatherback turtle still spawns. In summer, the waters of Sao Tome and Principe are also the refuge of an important colony of humpback whales that use the islands as a stop to fatten the young.

A trip also to the past and the tradition of Sao Tome in which we will stay in ancient rehabilitated Rocas (Haciendas) that still preserve the flavors and essences of the tradition of cocoa and coffee of the Portuguese colonial era.

To complete the trip we offer the possibility of knowing also the intact Prince Island, a garden of terrestrial and marine biodiversity that receives the affectionate name of “The Island of Jurassic Park”.