Lambarenee, Moukalaba NP and Loango / Akaka trekking / 14 Days

14 Days

The Loango National Park is the jewel in the crown of Gabon’s biodiversity. Located on the Atlantic coast, this orchard encompasses a combination of ecosystems unique in the world: rainforest, savanna, lagoons, rivers, mangroves and pristine beaches.

On this route, conducted in the summer, we invite you to explore the most beautiful corners of the Loango National Park with passionate local ecoguides dedicated to conservation.

It is the time in the Bais (open areas in the jungle in which the animals gather in search of salt) of the Akaka Forest are uncovered. We will explore them on foot to meet the exclusive forest elephant and other large mammals. We will camp two nights in this magical place. Also, we will move to the heart of the Moukalaba Dou Dou National Park to spot great apes. To top it off, in Libreville, the Gabonese capital, we will get in touch with the Bwiti tradition and visit this overflowing city.
All in all, an exciting adventure of unique safaris on foot, by boat and 4x4.