Before Gabon

Do I have to get vaccinated?

Yes, it is mandatory yellow fever vaccination. It is also advisable Malaria and tetanus vaccination. Please, attend to International Vaccination center for more information.

Is required visa for travel to Gabon?

Yes, you need a visa to visit the country.
To apply for the visa you must have a hotel reservation in advance for the first night, a picture and yellow fever vaccine.

What should I bring in the first aid kit?

We recommend: Mosquito repellent, antihistamines, antibiotics, betadine, bandages and sticking-plaster.

How should be my luggage?

We will pass through areas of difficult access. It is very important to bring a backpack light, durable and waterproof if is possible.
Ideally with a front light with red light mode.

What should I wear?

Gabon has a hot and humid climate. During the dry season (from July to September) the temperature is a little cold at night.
We recommended light raincoat, small towel, swimsuit, long sleeve shirts, convertible pants and cap.
Clothes with colors that mimic the environment (green, brown…). Avoid black, white and red. Lightweight hiking shoes and sandals with velcro.

Is it advisable to contract travel insurance?

Yes, it is advisable to cover unforeseen contingencies

In Gabon

Can we take pictures everywhere?

Always ask permission before photographing people or public buildings (airports, ministries etc.).

Should I always drink bottled water?

Yes, you should always drink bottled water.

Is there any food restrictions?

There is a tradition of eating bushmeat, especially in rural areas.
In our expeditions we do not consume the meat of protected species.

Can we take pictures on arrival in a village?

No, because it changes the traditional way to behave when strangers meet.
It is better that we present ourselves, socialize and ask earlier.

Can we buy traditional objects and ornaments during the visits to the villages?

No, It is better to buy in local markets where we can find similar objects.

Is it advisable to give things to the children on the street?

No, because children can get used. Sometimes, the children stop attending classes to get some small “prize” of tourists.
We recommend giving these things to the school, dispensary or clan leader.

If you have any other question, please, contact us