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Whale watching

whale watching

Gabon’s coast is a very important breeding ground for humpback whales from mid-July to mid-September each year.

Elephants tracking

Elephant tracking

Trekking through the jungle to observe the behavior of forest elephant as well as the fauna and flora that supports them in their ecosystem.

Akaka: Safari in pirogue

Akaka pirogue

Enjoy an exciting pirogue ride on the river and get ready to appreciate the secrets of this beautiful jungle.

Gorillas tracking

Gorilla tracking

Trekking in Moukalaba-Doudou National Park to observe the behavior of gorillas accustomed to groups of “humans”

Nesting leatherback turtle

Tortuga Laud

From October to March, hundreds of leatherbacks and other species come to Gabon to nest their eggs . We will walk through the white sandy beaches searching these moments.

Loango Beach Camp

Loango beach

The coast of Gabon have more than 800 kilometers of white sand beaches that separate the Atlantic Ocean and the jungle.

Akaka: Jungle Experience

Akaka experiencia en la jungla

Feel and discover the jungle and his secret treasure Akaka.



Gabon has traditions and ancestral rites likeBwiti and Nimbe.
Are initiation rites which aims to open the mind and connect to the spirit and the ancestors. Gabon is known as the Tibet of Africa.The peculiar masks and wood carvings are an inseparable part of the Gabonese tradition.

Lambaréné to Port Gentil

River experience

Sailing the Ogooué river from Lambaréné to Port Gentil through forests and villages.

Bamboo Cathedral

Catedral de bambu

Feel spirituality and peace in this unique environment.

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