Travel in a different way, exploring Africa.


Travel in a different way, exploring Africa.

Gabon expeditions

The expeditions of Gabon Untouched support NGOs and community conservation and tourism projects.

We have designed a set of expeditions to make an immersion in the biodiversity and culture of Gabon.

We explore the National Parks of the coast and the interior and live with Bantu or pygmy groups to share their rich culture with them.

Lambarenee, Moukalaba NP and Loango / Akaka trekking / 14 Days

The Loango National Park is the jewel in the crown of Gabon’s biodiversity. Located on the Atlantic coast, this orchard encompasses a combination of ecosystems unique in the world…

Lambarenee, Moukalaba NP, Mayoumba and Setté Cama (PN Loango) 12 Days

We will explore the most beautiful corners of the Moukalaba National Park where we will visit the low land gorilla habituation project. We will also visit the beaches of Mayoumba…

Lekedi, Pygmies Babongo, Langoue Bai and PN La Lope / 16 Days

An expedition from south to north along the Transgabones route that will take us to explore La Lekedi Park and its Madrill group accustomed…

Sao Tome and Principe / 10 Days

A 10-day trip to explore and discover very special places and landscapes. To share moments with a humble local population but always willing to share their time…

Extension to Sao Tomé / 5 Days

Extension to the beautiful island of Sao Tome. We will visit Mount Pico-Boca del Infierno, Sao Joao Angolares, the cocoa and coffee plantations and their wild beaches…

Customized expedition

Get in touch and we’ll help you shape your expedition through Gabon. Local tradition and culture as well as the wildlife of the country’s natural reserves…

Dare to explore Gabon

A place to discover, a place to preserve.

Gabón expediciones - Pico Sao tomé
Gabón expediciones - Elefante rio
Gabón expediciones - Lancha rio
Gabón expediciones - Gorila rio
Gabón expediciones - Pico Sao tomé
Gabón expediciones - Gorila rio